Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Moblogging as 3G's killer app!

South China Morning Post has a good article about how content creation and moblogging could be the killer app for 3G.

From the article:
One problem the author sees for mobile blogging is one many living outside the US will have faced. While the major blog hosting providers are global in reach , often their mobile services or the capability to mob-log is limited to the US mobile carriers' networks, meaning it is not possible to use your UK network - for example - to post to your blog.

Hm.. Why not? What did I miss? Isn't there any other (mo)blogservices than the American ones?... (If you are not sure let me say: YES there is)

And what does "global in reach" mean- a French, or Swedish blogservice supporting local networks is not global in reach?

PS-We are quite ambitious at and so far made it work with all networks we encountered, including 3G carriers.

Via Information Overlord


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