Monday, November 28, 2005

Worlds first moblogger

Extreme times demands extreme solutions. A Dane living in a tree- protesting against the construction of a highway, created the worlds first moblog in may 2000.

It was SMS to web, and NOBODY, was interested (he tried media, he tried phone companies). Regardless of the lack of attention he received back then, he definitely has a place in the Mobloggers Hall of Fame. May your name live forever Tom Paamand!

He did not win the fight over the motorway. It's up and empty (It was built in areas not so populated in Nothern Jutland).

Update: Hmm been thinking some more.. isn't this moblogging in a nutshell? First Invented by a Danish Treehugger, and not as you would expect, by some researchteam of deep coders at Sony Ericsson or Vodafone?

Via Moblognation



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