Thursday, July 09, 2009

Download your blog

A new feature we recently added is a "download as pdf" function. We offer all our paying members this.
This means that you can get your moblog - all pictures and all the text you written over the years, or since yesterday depending on when you signed up and for how long you have been moblogging with us.

The sum we ask our users to pay is decided by those who pay -that is, you pay what you think it is worth to download your blog as a pdf.

And what do you do with the PDF? Well, for one thing it is a backup. If we decide to shut down (which we are not) or if you want to print it, email it, or maybe just save it as a gift. Say for instance, that you have moblogged your first year in highschool, or your vacation, or any other period of time worth making a book about that you want to share or save.

Well, my pdf is like a photodiary, now securely stored for grandchildrens to find when I am gone, hopefully many years from now. (if they have pdf readers ;-)

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Moblogging with shozu to

Shozu has been around for a while. And finaly a user at is using it!

Well. Thats all for now :-)

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Everyday Seen Trough a Camera Phone

Karin Wagner wrote a paper from the Conference "A European Cultural Studies Conference in Sweden", held at Linköping University in June 2007.

I have mentioned Karin Wagner and her work on moblogging before.

Now her first paper is published. The moblogs she has been following are, (which is the one I'm connected to), albinogorilla from Denmark and the dutch

The research project she is called "From celluloid to pixels: Network and ritual around e-cinema and mobile phone Camera". The mobile phone part of that project is hers.

The image of everyday life is in focus for this paper, and sure, those pictures are very common on moblogs, and a few examples from are in the paper to illustrate that.

Download as PDF (1.6MB)

Monday, September 17, 2007


Newest feature at is mobcasting, that is posting audiofiles via MMS (or mail) from your cellphone.

Listen to nonsense: my first mobcast


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Launch of moblog and photoblog for new parents

We have been working hard lately,creating a moblog/blog/vlogg/daily journal for newborn babies, or actually, their mothers (or fathers).

It is the local newspaper that figured "since we always have had a lively family section with newborn ads - why not take this to the web? "

They have worked with us earlier on some projects (for example creating a moblog for the towns soccer team).

So they asked us to come up with a solution where they could offer new parents to publish pictures and videos of their little ones.

The result was launched in may, and has since then received a steady stream of new parents signing up, and posting pictures via MMS, mail and uploads, creating photo albums and writing daily entries.

The newspaper is happy, since they have a well defined audience for their advertisers (strollers, toys, baby-clothes, all parents knows what I am talking about).

Grandparents, friends and the like can subscribe to notification via email when a new picture of the baby they are subscribing to is posted.

There also seems to be a growing communication between the parents, sharing a lot of their experiences, asking each others questions and such, which could indicate the birth of a community.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Moblogging is growing rapidly- but americans are "so behind"?

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

moblog or not?

What makes a moblog a moblog?

When surfing the net searching for moblogs I often stumble over something called "moblog" and what I see is uploaded pictures clearly NOT taken with cameraphones.

Well... if the picture is NOT taken with a mobile camera, and a mobile telephone is NOT used to send the picture - then why call it a moblog?

On the other hand -why restrict users to cameraphones? Maybe posting screenshots and photos via computer suits them better in some cases-the moblog functions are just one of many ways to blog? Maybe that is better? But is it a moblog?

And when is it not a moblog? When there is no way to post from your mobile (of course), or when nobody uses those moblog features (could be)?

The trend at
is that fever and fever sends in pictures that are not taken by cameraphone (in other words: almost all pictures and movies sent to are taken with cameraphones, and sent from the phone via mail or MMS)

Now- that´s a moblog!